Works Gas Tanks

Marty Smith's 1974 RC250M Gas Tank From His #522 Bike

As with most motorcycles the gas tank is one of the most defining parts on the bike. It is the gas tank that draws your eye. It is the gas tank gives the bike its personality and the gas tank is the one part on the bike that most identify with make model and year. Factory works bikes are no different. Most tanks on works bikes are hand made from aluminum by some unknown person in a far-away land who spends hours, often days on a single gas tank, hand pounding, bending and shaping sheet aluminum into a brilliant piece of art.  No two tanks are exactly the same.  They are painted with usually one or two very thin coats of paint and often with runs in the paint. Works gas tanks are both crude and beautiful to look at. It is the one works part that everyone wanted on their production bike. They were specifically made for the ultimate corporate weapon, the works bike.

Over the last few decades of collecting works bikes for our museum documenting professional motocross that we will be building, we have acquired enough works spare parts of various brands to fill about two semi truck trailers and among those parts are nearly 50 works gas tanks from all different brands and years. Below are several photo galleries of some of those tanks using photos from our archive. Many of the tanks are very historical such as the Roger DeCoster sand tank that was used in the last GP of 1973. Notes are in the photo captions and we will add as circumstances permit.

1971 Yamaha YZ250 - Torsten Hallman

1971 Yamaha YZ360 - Torsten Hallman

1972 Maico - Ake Jonsson - Trans AMA

1972 Yamaha YZ250 - Torsten Hallman

1972 Yamaha YZ360 - Christer Hammargren

1972 Yamaha YZ500 - Jones Moto-Cross

1973 Suzuki RN370 - Roger DeCoster - St. Anthonis Sand Tank

1973 Honda RC250M

1974 Honda RC250M - Marty Smith #522

1974 Yamaha OW11 125 - Tim Hart

1974 Yamaha OW12/OW13 - US Works Team

1974 Yamaha OW12/OW13 - Hakan Andersson

1976 Yamaha OW27 125- Bob Hannah

1977 Yamaha OW26 400- Heikki Mikkola

1978 Yamaha OW38 250 - Bob Hannah

1979 Yamaha OW41 465 - Rocket Rex Staten

1980 Mugen ME125-W1 - Terry Good

1980 Suzuki RH250 - Suzuki Japan

1980 Yamaha OW41 465 - US Works Team