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1975 Yamaha OW25/OW26 specifications


1971 Suzuki RH/RN specs



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1974 / 1975 OW comparison



1976 Bob Hannah OW25/OW26 race reports

The following are copies of the original "TOP SECRET" race reports recorded by Bob Hannah's mechanic Bill Buchka, one of the most successful mechanics in the history of Motocross. Bill won National Championships with Pierre Karsmakers, Jim Weinert and Bob Hannah and won World Championships with Graham Noyce and Neil Hudson.

These reports cover the 1976 Florida Winter-AMA series, Daytona and the Houston Supercross. These were Bob's first races as a factory Yamaha rider. Note the changes performed on the bike from race to race. The OW25 is the 250 works Yamaha, and the OW26 was the open class works Yamaha.

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1980 Mugen ME125 W1 specs.