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                                      1972 Honda RC125M

                                                            Photo and Video CD


The 1972 Honda RC125M is without a doubt one of the rarest and trickest motocross bikes ever built. The incredible achievement of those young engineers that went into an unknown field under immense pressure from Mr. Honda himself is now preserved for the ages.  Until now no one outside of the 1972 Honda works race shop has ever seen one of these 138lb rocketships up close. Honda was clearly ahead of their time with this bike. It was so advanced and so far ahead of the competition at the time, it is no wonder it won in it's third race against the best and most experienced works 125 teams in Japan. The bike is a true testimony to Honda's amazing ability to conceive and develop the best hardware in the world.

This CD is jam-packed with over 200 super hi-resolution photos of nearly every angle imaginable. It is the result of a project that spanned over four Months at different locations of taking and selecting the best photographs possible. There are close-ups of all the special handmade parts and even some never before seen photos of inside the engine. Each photo is a large un-watermarked jpeg file that can be used to print brilliant photos for your office or garage. The majority of these photos will be exclusive to this CD only and never published anywhere else.  As a special bonus there is a short video included of Taichi Yoshimura on the RC125M delivering Honda their first ever 125 motocross win in history at the 1972 "All Japan Motocross." The video is fantastic and in color and with sound.


Each CD comes in its own case with a photo of the RC125 against the Chicago skyline.



1972 Honda RC125M photo & video CD



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