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                         1972 RC125M update 

Breaking news: Taichi Yoshimura and Holly have been working on the back story of the early Honda works motocross effort that went on in Japan starting in the late 60's. As you know, Taichi was Honda's first official works rider and did most of the development work on the early two-stroke works motocross bikes. The transcript translated by Holly in English just arrived and it is an unbelievable story as to how Honda actually got involved in motocross. This story will be forth coming and it is interesting to note that it has never been told in print before, anywhere, including Japan. A complete feature on Holly, the RC125M, Taichi Yoshimura's amazing career and Honda's early works motocross program will be coming soon.


The earliest works Honda motocross bike in existence arrived in 10 separate boxes. Holly did a fantastic job carefully disassembling the bike and packing all of the parts.


The engine is completely sand cast magnesium. All of the hardware is hand machined titanium inside and out. The exhaust manifold is titanium and the weight of the complete engine is just over 30 lbs. Holly made a great engine stand to keep everything safe while in transit. It took over 3 hours with a soft brush and cleaner to completely clean the engine. A very fine brass brush was used to clean the countershaft sprocket and exhaust manifold. Everything is 100% original.


     A fantastic works engine. It is some of the finest workmanship from any era, very surprising from 1972. The inside is like jewelry!



Over 5 hours were spent cleaning the works forks. We are very careful not to over-restore the bike. It must be kept as original as possible. Note the crude grinding marks where the casting ribs were ground off. Also note the stamp A1C in the photo below. This is the code for a works 125.



                                      The steering stem and the triple clamp bolts are machined from billet titanium.


                   Over 10 hours of careful cleaning has brought the bike to the stage shown above. All of the paint is original.