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                                             1973 Suzuki RN73

                                                                    Photo  CD


Roger DeCoster's 1973 world championship Suzuki, the RN73 is now available on a PHOTO CD. Over 200 Hi-Res photos of nearly every possible angle of one of the most historical motocross bikes of all time. Out of all of Roger's 5 world championships, 1973 was the toughest.  The 1973 500 world championship was a dramatic series as DeCoster over came many challenges including a very tough battle with Willy Bauer.  The series climaxed in the final moto of the final race in St. Anthonis Holland with DeCoster clinching his 3rd world championship on this very bike. This bike is one of two works RN 370's that Roger used that year and the only one left in existence. It is the bike Roger used at Carlsbad (the first USGP) and it is preserved in remarkable unrestored condition just as it came off the race track in 1973. Even the grips are original and still have DeCoster's special mod at the thumb area on the throttle side. Not one drop of touch-up paint has been added. To see it in person after so many years is almost surreal. This Photo CD is the next best thing!

This CD is the result of a project that took over 5 years. The bike was taken to several locations in several states and the best of over 5000 photos were selected for this CD. Revealed for the first time are pictures of never before seen things such as the cylinder porting, the bike with the tank off showing the frame, inside the airbox that was so secret in the day. Included are photos of the special sand tank made the night before the final race by Lucien Tilkens (inventor of the monoshock) because the standard works tank didn't hold enough fuel to last 40 minutes plus 2 laps in the sand at St. Anthonis. Also, photos of some of the special experimental works shocks Roger used during the 1973 season as long travel suspension was just being developed. This is a very comprehensive collection of photos of one of the most celebrated bikes ridden by one of the best riders in history.

The photo files are so large (some over 7 megs) that you will be able to print large poster size photos for your office or garage. Most of these photos will never be used or seen in any publication and be exclusive to this photo CD.



Each CD comes in its own case with a photo of the RN73

 1973 Suzuki RN73 Photo CD




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