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  The 1977 RC500 motor is nearly the same as the 1976 model.  The updates include a different cylinder and head.  The lower end is nearly the same.  There are holes all the way thru the cylinder fins to access the cylinder mounting nuts.  This identifies the Type ll motor.  1976 and 1977 were the only two years to use this type of motor.  Note the head stay, this was designed to use the motor as a stress member, tying it into the chassis for extra rigidity.  Also note the special stover nuts on the motor mounts.


   Engine case screws and kick start boss are titanium.  Unlike the titanium motor mount bolts on the 76 model, these are machined steel.  The pipe now takes on a more simple route.


   Increased cylinder head fining and radial design were aimed at curing the cooling problems that plagued the 76 bike.  The ignition is slightly different for 77.  The carburetor is the same magnesium one as 76.  Notice how close the carb is to the back of the cylinder. Big time horsepower here.


   The rear hub is sand cast magnesium and only slightly changed from 1976. The wide 2.50 D.I.D. rim is retained.  Note the massive Dunlop 500x18 rear tire.  Swing arm construction is similar to the 76 bike but the dimensions are different to compensate for the frame changes.  Note the flat aluminum stock that wraps around the inside of the swing arm.  This made for a very stout rear end.  Wheel spacers are titanium and now the chain adjusters take on a more conventional approach.


   Special hand made Fox Shocks, made just for this bike are over 18 inches in length.  Rear brake is cable operated for a more progressive feel.  The backing plate is sand cast magnesium with a titanium brake pivot. Note the spring mounted to the rear brake lever near the pivot.  Details, Details.  The rear sprocket is machined from billet and held with titanium allen bolts.  The chain guide is made with aluminum plates and actually has an aluminum chain roller.



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