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   This is the best two stroke motor Honda has ever produced. The acceleration of this bike is absolutely unbelievable and yet the powerband is very linear.  The power feels like there is no end to it. It just pulls and pulls. It is like controlled violence. Under acceleration the front wheel is always about a foot off the ground and wheel spin is minimal.  It is hard to imagine not getting the holeshot with this bike regardless of how poorly you timed the gate. Off the bottom there is no hesitation whatsoever, the throttle response is instant. The motor has no short comings at all. Everything feels perfect. Riders had their choice of different pipes for different powerbands.  Pistons are a special HRC parts with two rings that are very thin to reduce friction. Tolerances are kept very tight. The crankshaft  can be tuned by changing the weights in it to alter the inertia (see works parts). Due to the extremely linear powerband, the bike uses a hand machined four speed gearbox. The gears themselves are massive and need to be to handle the tremendous load. There is so much power at hand that you can start this bike in third gear without slipping the clutch! The clutch basket is surprisingly out of a production bike. It was replaced every race.  A decompressor is added to the side of the cylinder for aid in starting.



  The decompressor is covered by a magnesium cover and is operated by the lever above the clutch lever. Titanium bolts  with dished out heads are used at the lever perches. Eric used stock Honda grips glued and safety wired. This would probably be the last bike that you would want the grips to come loose on!



                                   The air box is a production item with added holes to help the motor breath better.


   A massive set of three core radiators are used to compensate for the heat generated by all the extra the horsepower this bike puts out. Temperatures were constantly monitored by the use of heat tape as shown in the photos.


                       NT7 is the code for the works 250 and the RC500 shares the same coil as seen in the photo above. 


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