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                                       Bob Hannah race worn helmets

                     Courtesy:  Bob and Terri Hannah collection

                                                           1976 National's and Trans Am's





                                          Bob Hannah's original Lightning bolt helmet

On August 21 1977 at the AMA 500cc National in Atlanta Georgia, Bob "Hurricane" Hannah raced with Lightning bolts on his helmet for the first time. The original helmet used that day was recently discovered by Bob who had given it to an 11 year old boy named Phillip Torricellas. Phillip never wore the helmet and kept it in it's original condition all these years. Everything is exactly as it was including the duct tape under the visor and the first ever lightning bolts that Bob put on the helmet back in 1977.

                      Donated to MXworksbike by Phillip Torricellas and Bob Hannah










                                                    1980 Trans USA

This helmet was used by Bob during the 1980 Trans USA series. The series opener at Mid Ohio was Bob's first race since his 1979 waterskiing accident.

                      Donated to MXworksbike by Tom Madigan and Bob Hannah









                                                            1981 Massacre at Saddleback

This helmet was used by Bob at the famous "Massacre at Saddleback" duel with Kent Howerton as well as other outdoor national's and supercross events throughout 1981. Stickers were added as the season progressed.

                      Donated to MXworksbike by The Lindsey Family and Bob Hannah








                         Photo: Moto Verte

                       Photo: Moto Verte

                                                                       1983 Team Honda

This helmet was used by Bob during his first season with Team Honda. Bob was leading the 250 Championship when a broken wrist during a practice session put him out of contention for the title. His lead was so big that he was still leading the series after missing the next four rounds.

                    Donated to MXworksbike by Tom Madigan and Bob Hannah