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                                                                                Bill Buchka

        1973 Yamaha  Pierre Karsmakers   AMA 500cc National Champion

        1973 Yamaha  Pierre Karsmakers   AMA 500cc Winter (Florida) Series Champion

        1974 Yamaha  Pierre Karsmakers   AMA 250 Supercross Champion

        1975 Yamaha  Jimmy Weinert   AMA 500cc National Champion

        1976 Yamaha  Bob Hannah   AMA 125cc National Champion

        1976 Yamaha  Bob Hannah   AMA 500cc Winter (Florida) Series Champion

        1977 Yamaha  Bengt Aberg   Hallman & Eneqvist 500cc 4 stroke World Championship Project (Technical Advisor)

        1978 Honda  Brad Lackey   FIM 500cc 2nd place

        1979 Honda  Graham Noyce   FIM 500cc World Champion

        1979 Honda  Graham Noyce   ACU 500cc British National Champion

        1981 Yamaha  Neil Hudson   FIM 250cc World Champion

        1982 Yamaha  Neil Hudson   FIM 500cc 3rd place

        1982 Yamaha  Neil Hudson   ACU 500cc British National Champion

        All photos courtesy of Bill Buchka

                        Bill discusses bike set-up with Pierre while Kenny Clark rolls up his sleves. 1973

                        Helping Tim Hart stay cool. 1973

                   Typical 70's Yamaha attire. Ed Schiedler and Bill pose with a brand new OW12. 1974

                                                                                 Bill with Pierre Karsmakers and a OW13. 1974

                                                                                   Bill                                      Keith McCarty (Tony D's mechanic) Bill and Brian Lunnis (Billy Grossi's mechanic). 1974

                500     Somewhere in the 70's

                    Making final adjustments to Jimmy Weinert's OW26. 1975

                   500 National Champion Jimmy Weinert, Bill Buchka and the OW26 getting ready for tech inspection. 1975

                                                                                  500                                        Bill and 1976 125 National Champion Bob Hannah with the OW27 at Hangtown 1976.

                    Bill       Bill and Bob Hannah with an OW25. 1976   

                  European Team Honda with Andre Malherbe and Graham Noyce. 1979

                   Bill and 1979 500 World Champion Graham Noyce.

                   On the line somewhere in Europe with 1981 250 World Champion Neil Hudson.

                                                                                       Bill with the immaculately prepared OW50. 1981

                     The 1981 250 World Championship went down to the final moto in the final race. The pit board says it all.