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                                                            Is it the mid 1970's or 2011?

 1975 Yamaha YZ250B w/ approx 2 hours running time from new in front of a 1977 Ford van w/ 7000 orig miles

 Tom Faulkner has been a motocross fan for over 40 years. Growing up in Southern California, Tom witnessed motocross in it's infancy. He attended most of the major events including the original Hopetown races in the late 60's, the early Trans-am races, the first stadium race in the LA Coliseum and followed it closely all the way through the mid 1990's. During that time he amassed a huge collection of programs, photos, signed hats and a sticker collection that has to be seen to be believed. After we acquired this spectacular all original right down to the original Dunlop 4.60 wrap-around rear tire, super low time YZ250B from him, Tom decided to donate his entire memorabilia collection to This collection featuring some very rare memorabilia will proudly be displayed in our eventual brick and mortar museum for the world to see. "I have enjoyed this memorabilia for many years and I recently decided to donate it to Terry at so others can enjoy it for years to come." For now enjoy the few photos of the bike and some of Tom's generous donation.


 The near new YZ250B sits on one of Gordon McCaffer's ( fully adjustable motorcycle stands. These stands are without a doubt the best stands on the market. This particular bike is a late serial example as noted by the lack of a vertical brace on the swingarm, the aluminum shift lever, updated rims with a lip at the edge and the soft grips. The bike has never been apart. A couple interesting features is that it has 431 bend handlebars and a 431 cylinder (stamped on the reed block) new from the factory. The only explanation we can come up with is that near the end of the production run the factory must have run out of 483 parts and substituted them with new 431 parts from the YZ250A.




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