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                                                 Legendary Motocross Bikes              

Terry Good has arguably the world's finest collection of pedigreed motocross factory bikes, a treasure he approaches with the mind of an archeologist. While the bikes in his collection are strikingly beautiful, nothing is done to them that would erase the evidence of their use. They are “restored” as faithfully as possible to the last moment of their racing lives, not to the first moment they emerged new and shiny from the racing department. For example, if the frame or cases of a motorcycle show bare metal where a legendary champion's boot rubbed away the paint, that evidence of its history will not be altered or repainted. A 1971 Yamaha YZ637 ridden by Torsten Hallman still has on its one-off, sand-cast throttle assembly the blue electrical tape that Hallman's mechanic applied to it in 1972. 

To unearth the history behind his rare one-of-a-kind motorcycles, Good has conducted extensive research and forged fast friendships with many of the living legends of motocross. These include Hallman, Sten Lundin, Joel Robert, Roger DeCoster, Hakan Andersson, Pierre Karsmakers, Marty Tripes, Kent Howerton, Johnny O'Mara, and many more. Now, all of this: the machines, the history, the men, the friendships have come together in a book entitled “Legendary Motocross Bikes: Championship-Winning Factory Works Bikes,” authored by Good. In landscape format, this stunningly beautiful book contains studio-quality images of 20 of Good's machines as well as historical photos of those bikes in action. In addition to Good's text, there are signed anecdotes, reminiscences, and testimonials by the champions who rode them. There is a foreword by American Honda team manager Dave Arnold, and, consistent with the book's scholarly quality, an index is provided. 

Ed Youngblood/


My copy of the book arrived today (in perfect condition), and I just got up from taking the first pass through it.  All I can say is WOW!, and that's not nearly enough to describe how impressed I am, and how grateful I am that you've dedicated the obvious time and effort that you (and all the others who assisted you) have into this incredible project.  What a book!  The pictures are, as always, incredible and the few chapters that I've read so far are awesome!  How absolutely cool is it to learn that DeCoster fabricated his own aluminum shock bodies on a lathe, and that he made a "midnight run" to have a gas tank enlarged on his own!  I've always said that it was definitely a different period in time back then, and it is awesome that you've chosen to share all of this remarkable history with us.   
I don't ever like to suggest to anyone what they "should do", but I'm going to make an exception this time.  If you haven't already done so, you need to make sure that every motorcycle website and every motorcycle magazine knows about this book.  Anyone and everyone that has ever owned, ridden, or raced a motocross bike needs a copy of this book.  The pictures alone justify the price of the book, but the stories and the history that it contains make it priceless. 
As soon as I'm through with this note, I'm going to sit down and send an e-mail to everyone of my old racing buddies with a link to your website, and with a strong recommendation that they get one of these books for themselves.  We're all a bunch of old history buffs, and our best memories and stories always end up back in the days of the factory works bikes.  I know that they'll enjoy this every bit as much as I am. 
I didn't mean to write this long of a note, but when something this special comes along, I think that it's important for the people who are responsible for its creation to understand that their efforts are recognized and more importantly, appreciated far beyond what can be expressed verbally.  I think I've told you this before, but I think that it's awesome that you've chosen to preserve the history of the sport of motocross in the ways that you have.  What's even more awesome, is that you've chosen to share it with all of us.
Thanks again for everything that you do to preserve and share our great sport!
Bruce King   



Legendary Motocross Bikes           

Latest book to arrive on the CDB desk is Terry Good’s Legendary Motocross Bikes and it should have a health warning stamped on the front! From the stunning pic of Roger DeCoster powering round the Carlsbad berm on his Suzuki to the Marty Tripes Honda on the back cover this book will set the heart racing. Good has used his contacts, enthusiasm and sheer passion for motocross to delve into the history of that ultimate expression of the genre – The Works Bike. In a money-no-object world with winning the only consideration, some incredible machinery emerged in the frenetic world of GP MX. It couldn’t last of course but for a glorious period budgets were bust as factories strove to outdo each other. Feverishly flicking the pages revealed Sten Lundin’s Lito as the first bike featured, then follow 19 other iconic factory machines, taking readers through the golden period of motocross. You need this book.


Tim Britton/Classic Dirt Bike UK



Terry, your book arrived yesterday. I subscribe to over 30 motorcycle magazines, and own over 60 classic and modern bikes. I have a few hundred motorcycle books (and some 30,000 magazines) in my library. Your book is the best, bar none. I expected the photography to be top notch, but it is the stories, as told by the greatest riders, their mechanics and managers, that set this book apart!


Thanks!! Jim Roble


I just got the book, thanks,
Looks fantastic, still reading!
Congrats on your effort and the result!
Now I will intensify the work on finishing my own!

Gunnar Lindstrom


Dear Terry,
Once again you've blown my socks off! Spectacular effort in your new offering! The pictures are as I would expect from your work but the write ups from your perspective, the riders, and mechanics/team manager is so much more.  I am one who is thankful for your and your wife's' & #39; passion.
Lou Blanchard



Got the book today - thanks. I don't even know where to begin. It's the ultimate collection of stories, anecdotes and photos of the worlds most significant motocross machines - period...Diggin it for sure!

Greg Bastek

PS. My fave is the #9 Johnny O RC!


Hi Terry- I received your book last week, just in time to take to the Millville National. Had lot's of people interested in it and I pointed them your way. One certain rider who I asked to sign it, said "you have it already"  might know him he's on the cover. The book is simply the Best-photo's, stories, rider's views, ect. I hope this is just one of a series of these books? Please keep up the good work preserving the history of MX with your Books and DVD's. Thanks Jon "Frog" Forsell



  Loved your new book ….perhaps since this book was heavy on Japanese factory bikes then perhaps may I suggest volume two be more in depth with the European bikes of the past…I know the European bikes were basically modified stock bikes unlike the Japanese one off factory bikes…like Maico’s and Bultaco’s but they were the other side of the factory coin…and were the standard that pushed the factory bikes.

Loved the book completely.

    Dan Murray
    Orlando Fla.


Hello Terry,

Thanks for the copy of the works bike book, the photos and the narrative are both outstanding! I would also like to thank you for including Tom and Bill in the book, I know that they would be be very appreciative of your efforts and the excellent results. Please keep Brad and I in the loop of your progress  of restoring Bill's 125. Thanks also to Terry Hyde for his role in making this come together

    Best Regards,
    Peter Kratzer


 Hi Terry, 
 I received a copy of the works book today thank you very much, the book has some amazing stories and photos. You did a great job of putting it all together, thanks again for including my dad and Tom in this book they would of been proud and excited if they could have seen it. 
Brad Mclean


Hi Terry,
Your book is good good good !!!!
Pierre Karsmakers


Terry ,
I got it I got it !!!!!!!!
What a great result
A real surplus to your already fabulous MXWorksbike site
Very nice format , sublime color pictures, splendid B&W photo's and stories from the era
Never seen ,straight from the shop partly disassembled bike parts
A book that all MX fanatic should have
I immediately surged for the picture of Roger on the Tilkens Suzuki
What a combination !! Belgian rider , Belgian frame craftmanship , Belgian track , great accomplishment

This will give us lots of reading time during next winter months

Jef Wuyts



Thank you for sending me the Legendary Motocross Bikes book. I am really impressed by the quality of the book and of course proud to be a part of it. I will be glad to post the book on the website of my motorcycle club

Torsten Hallman


Hello Terry,

This is a very nice book, and it makes me happy to see me also in this book,  THANKS I will call my friends, this is a nice Present for Christmas, and hope you can sell more books

Herbert Schmitz


Hi Terry,
Received my copy of "Legendary Motocross Bikes" about two weeks ago.
Congratulations on one fabulous piece of work.
Consolidating all that information with the photos, as well as the restoration of all the hardware is truly an accomplishment that deserves the utmost in recognition for your efforts as well as a gesture of sincere appreciation from someone who lived through a number of those years, in close proximity to the subject matter. I'll be sending you my copy for your signature.
As always, if I can be of assistance to you in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me. 
Thanks and Best Personal Regards,
Bill Buchka


Hi Terry,
Now I have received the book.
It is a fantastic book which such a history of all the bikes and riders and also such nice photos.
Hakan Andersson



You should be so-so-so very proud of yourself.  The book is absolutely beautiful!!  The pictures you took are amazing!!!  We went through it last night and couldn't believe the cool shots you took!  So sad it's not a hard top but none the less - you did a superb job - Sir Terry Good, author extraodinaire!   Terri and Bob Hannah