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                                        Mid-Ohio 1980 125 USGP

         Below is a low-res. preview to get a taste of the action. The actual DVD is very clear!


 This very rare film is the only known footage of this event to exist. The 1980 125 USGP is one of the most historical moto cross races in US history.  Johnny O'Mara stunned the world with the overall victory against the best 125 riders in the world on his white Mugen Honda.  To this day people still talk about this historical event.  Until now, nobody but the people that were there, actually got to see how it all happened.  Scott Wallenberg from Racer-X magazine filmed and narrated both motos in their entirety.  Scott, a pro motocrosser himself, used his experience to shoot this film from the vantage points a racer would want to see.  The film opens up with some fantastic shots of the works bikes in the pits.  These bikes are really trick!  Then you are on the starting line with the best riders from all over the world.  Anybody who was anybody in the 125 class is in this race!  Caught on film is Jeff Ward on the line actually digging a trench for his bike with a shovel.  The starting line scene really displays the grass roots of it all.  The first moto is shot from trackside in the driving rain.  There is no narration in the first moto.  Just the sounds of the bikes and the crowd.  The sound of these factory 125's is incredible!! Very cool!!  The second moto is shot from on top of the Mid-Ohio tower.  It is narrated by Scott, and very well done.  The track was a quagmire and these guys were flat out hauling!  The celebrated scene where Johnny parades the American flag after the race is also captured on this film.  When I first saw this, I was really surprised at the quality and how well it was filmed.  The real time sound of the bikes and the crowd really add to the drama.  You really get the feeling of that era when watching this.  The 125 works bikes were at an all time high as far a trickness goes during this era as well.  This film is absolutely fantastic!!! A MUST HAVE!!!





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