the ultimate collection of ultimate bikes




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                                      The motor uses a stock CR125 lower end with a special sand-cast clutch cover for the water pump. This bike has the optional 36mm bored to a 37mm Mikuni.  A 34mm Kehin was stock.  The optional mikuni really let the bike rev on top end.  The aluminum case screws are from a works OW25 motor that I had back then.

                                     The hand made brake pedal gave a very positive feel compared to anything else of the day.  Notice how the frame wraps around the motor so tightly.  Hiro Honda told me that this was designed this way to reduce frame flex.  It worked.  All the misc. drilling and titanium bolts were added by me in 1980.  Did it help?....Of course not!  I still have all the original steel bolts that came with it.

                                   Front and rear hubs are stock Honda items. The axles and spacers were special machined items. The bikes did not come with white paint on the forks.  They came with a clear coated aluminum finish.

                                     The one off aluminum swing arm has got to be one of the nicest made on any bike, it is simply a work of art.  The welds are just beautiful.  The brake rod came pre-bent to create a progressive feel.  The aluminum torque arm on this bike was made for me by a friend who owned a machine shop.

                                    Rear tire is a Dunlop K290. It worked real good on the Southern California tracks.  Stock was a Bridgestone M23.  That is the original stand that came with the bike.


Almost all of the hardware on the rear was handmade (wheel spacers, axle adjusters, misc. nuts & bolts etc.)  The chain guide is a very strong two piece aluminum unit.

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