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      Johnny O'Mara's 1980 USGP Mid-Ohio Jersey


 On July 27th 1980, after Johnny O'Mara crossed the finish line in the second moto of the 1980 125 USGP, history was made. With a 1-3 score, O'Mara won the Mid-Ohio 125 USGP  in what would be one of the most grueling and muddiest races in history. As O'Mara crossed the finish line, spectator Kirk Maneval just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Kirk snapped the photos below with his Polaroid, went up to Johnny, congratulated him on his victory and asked him for his jersey. O'Mara gave it to him. After taking it home and several attempts to get it clean, it sat in Kirk's closet for 30 years along with a 1980 Bob Hannah and a Scott Burnworth jersey that Kirk had acquired from the respected riders at other Mid-Ohio races. Kirk decided it was better for the jerseys to be enjoyed by everyone and decided to donate them to

 The race worn O'Mara Mugen jersey is still stained (grayish/brown) from the mud that day and looks much whiter in the photos than it actually is. That's fine by us as we like to keep things of historical value as original as possible. What a piece of history!

 Upon hearing the news about the jersey, Johnny and his mechanic from that day Tom Halverson were both surprised and glad that after so many years the jersey turned up and had been preserved in excellent condition. They both along with Kirk Maneval have agreed to give an exclusive account on how the events unfolded on that infamous day. Also, Tom Halverson has many never before seen photos covering the event and other surprises that he will share. This is what it's all about folks, preserving motocross history. Check back soon for this incredible story.



                        Al Baker congratulates a mud covered Johnny O'Mara after the race that put O'Mara on the map.


  Ray Hunold (blue Mugen T-shirt), Tom Halverson (Mugen jersey), JohnnyO, Diamond Don (Hawaiian shirt) and Al Baker celebrate.


 Moments after this photo was taken Johnny gave MX fan/racer Kirk Maneval his jersey, a jersey that would turn out to be from one of the most famous races in motocross history.