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   The AMA production rule stated that the crankcases and the cylinder casting had to remain production. Anything else in the motor could be changed. The mechanical power valve on the factory bike was similar to production but used fewer parts. The crankshaft is made by HRC as are most of the other internals. The clutch basket is one of the few parts inside that remained production. The pipe is the high power HRC pipe that made big horsepower. For supercross Ricky used a pipe made by Pro-Circuit for better roll on power. The rear brake pedal is a thicker and stronger pedal than the stock one.



   Above you can see the number 18 on the crankcases. The cases were matched by hand and numbered. Below, the bike uses a works Keihin carb that is stamped NT7 which is the code for the 250 works bike. Further below, on the clutch cover is a blue anodized cover that allows the power valve spring to be changed to different spring weights to have the valves engage at different RPM's.




   The radiators are massive three core units that provide more coolant than stock. With someone like Ricky Johnson riding a 250 that puts out way more power than stock, extra cooling is a must.


   A special black box with enough wires to wire a small house is used and is mated to a works stator and coil. Nothing even remotely stock here. Below is a magnesium front hub that is significantly lighter than stock. The brake rotor is made from different material and the front brake caliper also houses larger than stock pistons to provide awesome stopping power.



   The rear hub is machined from magnesium and has huge wheel bearings inside to handle the load a factory rider puts on the bike. The rear brake is carried over from the 1985 works bike, while the production bike used a drum rear brake. The brake rotor is fastened to the hub with steel fasteners to maintain grip under extreme heat. Rear wheel failures were non existent. The swing arm is stock but modified to fit the disk brake system.



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