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          Photo: Cindy Good

                                                         On the line

BREAKING and Motorbooks International have signed a deal for a coffee table book featuring 20 of the bikes in this collection. The book will be hardback and very high quality. Each bike will get about 10 pages with loads of new photos, archival action photos, detailed info and comments from the riders who rode these fabulous bikes. The book will be released in the spring of 2009.

BREAKING has been in talks with the AMA and AHRMA for a Trans AMA reunion for 2009. The event will be at the Mid Ohio Vintage Days in July. The details are not finalized yet but the idea is to bring over at least 6 Europeans from the early 70's and a host of Americans (by invitation only) and have them do a parade lap or two around the motocross track wearing their original gear and riding their original works bikes from this collection. There are also plans of a roast style dinner, autograph session and a Q&A session.  This will be a once in a lifetime experience to see these legends of motocross from a bygone era on their original championship bikes. I don't believe anything like this has been done before and it is long over due. Details will be announced as they develop.

My good friend Hakan Andersson and his wife came over from Sweden for a 10 day vacation and we had a fantastic time. Hakan is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and has a lot of really cool stories from traveling and racing the grand-prix's. He brought over some of his personal photo albums from his days on the GP circuit and was kind enough to let me scan what turned out to be over 500 photos. There are some really good ones that have never been seen before and some are from behind the iron curtain. The world was a different place back then and those shots really show how tough it was to travel in those communist countries. I will post some of them in the photo vault as soon as time permits. Hakan is also very keen on visiting the states again in 2009 for the Trans AMA reunion. We got his 1973 World Championship bike out to make sure everything was ok for the event and after starting it up, hearing the open chamber, smelling the Castrol R and watching Hakan destroy my about Déjà Vu!!! I am sure the Trans AMA reunion is going to be a spectacular event.

Click to see a few photos of Hakan Andersson on his 1973 250 World Championship bike   Hakan rides again!!!

Terry Good   October 17, 2008


            Photo: Hakan Andersson archive

  Hakan Andersson and Tony D.  1974 Trans AMA at Honda Hills Ohio. Hakan will be wearing that exact same jersey in 2009!!!

                                                                              Photo: Hakan Andersson archive

                                                 Hakan Andersson and Jim Pomeroy at the 1973 Swedish GP.