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                               Jim Pomeroy and myself after we DNF'ed at Joel Robert's Chinnelle race in Belgium 1997.

                                                         On the line

   Over most of this past summer, I have been gathering information for upcoming features for the website. Roger DeCoster has been extremely busy managing the Suzuki motocross team but promises some great insight on winning his third World Championship in 1973. This was the year that long travel suspension made it's debut with Yamaha's monoshock and the forward mounted rear suspension of the Maico's. This along with the newly implemented minimum weight limit on Grand-Prix bikes made Roger's 1973 World Championship his most challenging as the series went down to the last moto of the last race. There are a lot of fantastic behind the scene stories that will be told.

   I'm nearly done with the feature on Sten Lundin's 1961 World Championship Lito and for me this was uncharted territory. In preparing for this, I found that there was almost no coverage of this era in the US magazines (at least that I could find). I also learned that there was this whole other world in motocross history that easily rivals anything since. The crowds that attended these 500cc Grand-Prix events in the late 50's and early 60's in some cases haven't been exceeded to this day! The bikes themselves were very special and were mostly hand built machines that were developed with very fat wallets by well established companies. Companies like FN from Belgium, Monark from Sweden, BSA from England and others spent fortunes on building these Grand-Prix racers that were to do one thing, win the 500cc World Championship. The riders themselves were very talented and special people, most being National hero's in their respective countries. Prior to this, I had looked at this era and really not given it much thought. I always assumed that these were early races in a sport that was finding it's way with riders competing on modified street machines. I couldn't have been more wrong! I have accumulated many hours of recorded conversation with Sten Lundin and others and I'm sure you will be very surprised to learn about this special bike and rider from this very special era. As soon as Sten gives me the final approval (should be real soon), I'll post the article.

   I have a great mini interview with Rich Eierstedt that is almost done. Rich as you probably know was one of the first factory Honda riders on those super trick and super fast "down pipe" RC250's. There is some great footage of Rich on one of these bikes flying down Banzai Hill at Saddleback in the "Motocross Classics" DVD in the store section.

   Also, I have been working with Bob Hannah and his wife Terri on their much anticipated new venture "Hannah Racing Products" at The launch will be real soon and it is going to be FANTASTIC! There will be tons of never heard before stories all told in the Bob Hannah unplugged style and tons of never seen before photos. To top it all off, they will be offering (with the help of Walt Hackensmith) the best looking line of T-Shirts, autographed jerseys and memorabilia that I've ever seen. After the launch, Bob promises to give his memories of the 1976 126 Nationals. The 1976 125 National feature has had over 300,000 viewers so far and I'm sure many are looking forward to what Bob has to say.

   For 2007, Bob Hannah will receive the "Edison Dye Lifetime achievement award" at Glen Helen on November 4th. Tom White does a fantastic job honoring these past Champions.

   Hakan Andersson and former factory Yamaha and Kawasaki rider Christer Hammargren made a recent trip to Northern Sweden to visit 1969 and 1970 World Champion Bengt Aberg and former Husqvarna star Arne Kring. It had been over 32 years since Hakan had seen Arne Kring. Below are a few photos that Hakan sent.

Terry Good      July 28 2007

                                       Hakan                                   Hakan Andersson, Bengt Aberg, Christer Hammargren and Arne Kring.

                                              C                                                                    Christer Hammargren and Bengt Aberg.




                                                              Arne Kring's immaculate collection of Husqvarna's