1982 Suzuki RA82 Refurbish


In the coming months we will be refurbishing this 1982 Suzuki RA82 works 125 used by Katsushi Yamamoto in the 1982 All Japan Motocross Championship. It appears that the bike has sat in this condition since 1982. It is all original and still has a lot of dirt on it from it's last ride. We will document most of the refurbishing process here on this site and post updates frequently covering disassembly, refurbishing the components and reassembly. Our goal will be to leave as much of the bike as original as possible. That means much of the refurbishing process will just be a very thourough cleaning of the original parts. Nothing will be polished or powdercoated as that would take away the spirit of the bike. We want to be as true as possible to the bikes originality. One ace we have is that we recently became friends with the original factory Suzuki mechanic Mr. Yohei Yamada, who worked on this very machine back in 1982.  We will be getting advise and direction from him throughout. Please check back often. Update notifications will be announced on our MXworksbike Facebook page.


Disassemly begins: Photographs of each screw, nut, bolt and bracket will be taken. Each part will then be cataloged and will eventually be put back into it's original position when the reassembly takes place.

The very thin all aluminum gas tank weighs an astonishing 1 3/4lbs. This will be cleaned and left alone.

Underneath the tank reveals much of the hand work.

Seat and plastic will be put away until later.

Disassembly Begins - Left Side

Every bracket and bolt on the right side will be photographed and cataloged for reassembly

 There are some very trick parts that make up the RA82

Disassembly Begins - Right Side


Rear Suspension

Too bad almost all of the Full Floater rear suspension system is hidden when the RA82 is together. It is a work of art.


Front Suspension



Assembly Begins

Chassis Details