welcomes Chris MacAllister

Chris MacAllister is a world renowned car collector/racer with such cars as Niki Lauda’s 1976 F1 Ferrari, Jim Clark’s 1967 F1 Lotus and many others.

Chris’s heart and roots go back to the early days of motocross in the US where he like most of us ate, slept and breathed motocross. He has established a very impressive 75+ bike collection that specializes in Husqvarna’s including an extremely rare one of 16 built (only 3 known to exist today) 1962 Husky 500 four stroke built by Nisse Hedlund. Many of his bikes are very low hour originals but the ones that are restored are absolutely spot on. He spends a tremendous amount of time in research to get every last detail spot on.

Recently he traveled to Sweden with Gunnar Lindstrom to visit with Torsten Hallman, Arne Kring and many Husqvarna collectors just to gain knowledge on the Swedish brand. Chris has agreed to run his own blog on this site dedicated mostly but not limited to Husqvarna’s.

This should be good!