About 1971 the Trans AMA circuit visited MidOhio and I went as a spectator. I had seen big time motocross before and, like most teenagers, was smitten by the Europeans. It was Arne Kring who captivated me that weekend at MidOhio with his shoulder pads, red leathers, blue Husqvarna jersey, unsilenced exhaust pipe and Bell helmet avec Carerra goggles and Jofa mouth guard. That guy looked so cool and rode so fast! He became an instant hero and his Husqvarna was part of the package. Sure, there were other big name Europeans there and the best American hot shoes, but Team Husqvarna was descended from Bengt Aberg, recently twice world champion and Torsten Hallman, the father of motocross in America. You couldn’t get any better roots.

In 1972 the Husky 125CR was introduced and, thanks to Arne Kring, I was on the waiting list at Honda of Piqua. My old mount was a 1971 Yamaha 175 Enduro souped up for motocross. The trade value offered was an early lesson in the principles of depreciation. I raced the Husky all season and gained instant respect from my peers. The bike was leaps and bounds ahead of the Yamaha and I actually did well enough to bring home some trophies. By the end of 1972 I had become a Husqvarna aficionado and would gain a growing appreciation for the company, its products and history. A 250 CR followed and then a 390 CR punctuated by Elsinores, Pentons, an insidious Yamaha 465 monoshock that sent me to the emergency room twice and a few others. My 10 year MX career ended where it began; on a Husky. I still have the 390 today and it is my favorite trail bike.

Cars displaced motorcycles but after 10 years out of the saddle, an ad in the local trader paper for a 1972 Husky 250 CR beckoned and I started the new hobby of collecting and restoring the bikes I used to own and race against. That was around 1992. Since then I have restored several aluminum fender Huskies, acquired many excellent well preserved examples of the Swedish brand and amassed a handy (excessive, according to my wife) stock of spare Husky parts. I have other brands and like them too but not with the passion I have for Husqvarna.

The reasons for starting this blog are threefold. First, I can’t find enough information to restore old Huskies as they left the factory. There are a million and one details from year to year, 250 to 360, 4 speed to 5 speed. I need help! And I figured others out there in Husqvarnaland might benefit from a forum where information, contacts and suppliers could be shared. Second, my buddies are all connected to motor vehicles. There are old racers out there like me who have common interests and it is fun to make new friends who like old bikes. Finally, Terry Good is as true and passionate an enthusiast as I have ever met and it is a pleasure and a privilege to camp onto his most excellent web site. I hope this humble blog somehow enhances his already world class MX hub.


Chris MacAllister