The Road to Here

I remember trying to drive my Uncle Joes tractor like it was yesterday. That day is when my obsession with all things mechanical seems to have begun. Growing up in family with six older brothers who were all gear heads had me tinkering on things at a very early age. While my friends were all in little league I would spend Saturdays at the drag strips around southern California with my brothers and their friends.

Once I was old enough I raced and wrenched on anything I could get my hands on. I was lucky enough to road race on four wheels wrench on top fuel dragsters and even win two championships as a crew chief with a top fuel drag boat. Through all those years and changing venues my interest in motocross never waned.

Restoring old motorcycles at this point in time is much different than working on them was back in the old days. In the past we would work on our bikes so we could keep riding or racing. Now a restoration is more of a history lesson. Learning about how the advances of the aviation industry during WWII affected the performance of the post war motorcycles or understanding how the enthusiasm of the Japanese engineers drove technological advances at such a rapid pace are the kind of stories that keep me in the garage late at night with the TV turned off.

Terry and I talk often of these stories and we both believe most of the people who visit his website appreciate them as well. I am honored that Terry has asked me to contribute here. I hope to uncover and share some of the interesting aspects of motocross history on the mechanical side and also address many other aspects of collecting and restoring these old motorcycles we all love so much. With feedback from the readers I think our combined experiences can make this a great place to be.