welcomes Pat Knopp

Pat Knopp has been around motocross for over 40 years. Growing up in Southern California, Pat witnessed and participated in the whole sub culture that went from Carlsbad down by San Diego up to Indian Dunes in Valencia. He like Chris and the rest of us was very active and involved in motocross in the early days. His knowledge and perspective of the sport is second to none but his specialty is hardware.

Pat knows bikes and even has a collection of works bikes of his own that include one of two known to exist 1972 YZ500 Yamaha’s. He has been our go-to-guy for 15+ years. Whenever we get stumped on anything, Pat is one of our first phone calls. There are no buffing wheels and triple clear wet-look paint in his garage. His perspective of maintaining the spirit of the day in restorations is priceless.

Pat has agreed to run his own blog dedicated mostly but not limited to restorations. We are grateful for his participation. We really look forward to expanding this site with Pat’s participation and believe through these discussions (viewer participation welcomed) the bar will be raised on preserving historical motocross bikes.