Bob Hannah

bob hannah Bob "Hurricane" Hannah born September 26, 1956 in Lancaster California is one of the most successful motocross racers in American history and in our opinion on a very short list of one of the best motocross riders of all time. He won a total of seven AMA Championships and was part of the winning USA MX des Nations team in 1987.

Starting out in 1975 in the highly competitive CMC local scene in Southern California, Bob started winning the pro class almost immediately. Quickly displacing nearly every seasoned veteran on the local circuit, Bob earned a factory Yamaha sponsorship to compete at the national level for 1976. After winning all 5 races in the pre-season Florida Winter AMA series Bob set his sights on the AMA 125 National Championship and did the impossible by defeating reigning Champion Marty Smith. 1978 was probably Hannah’s most dominate year. At the 250 National Opener at Hangtown, Bob nearly lapped the field and won by well over a minute over second place. It was in 1978 that Bob started his unbelievable 22 moto win streak. Record after record would fall that year as Hannah dominated motocross in the US.

After winning again in 1979 Hannah was involved in a post season water-skiing accident that nearly ended his career. Although Hannah would never win another major championship, 1983 was one of his strongest seasons and was probably in better condition that year than at any point in his career. While maintaining a huge lead in the 1983 series Bob broke his wrist in a practice session that put him out for the season. His lead in the series at the time was so great that even after missing several of the subsequent races due to the broken wrist, Bob still was leading the series.

In 1987 Bob on the B-side of his career once again did the impossible by winning the overall in his class at the Motocross des Nations in the US victory against the best in the world.

  • 1976 125cc National Champion
  • 1977 250cc Supercross Champion
  • 1978 250cc Supercross Champion
  • 1978 250cc National Champion
  • 1978 Trans AMA Champion
  • 1979 250cc Supercross Champion
  • 1979 250cc National Champion
  • 1987 Motocross des Nations Champion

bob hannah

bob hannah