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The clutch of a 1972 RC125M. For a full feature of the bike, click here

1972-73 RC250M (335) Kehin Sand Cast Magnesium 37mm Oval Bore Carburetor

The oval bore carburetor was designed to basically act as two carbs in one. On this carb, the intake side (engine side) is 37mm round. On the venturi side of the slide the bore is 34mm wide and 37mm tall. The idea is for the carb to act as a smaller carb at lower rpm's and a larger carb when the throttle is opened. This design also takes the hit out of the powerband when the bike comes on the pipe making the bike easier to ride. The RC250 of this era made lots of horsepower as displayed by the amount of holeshots they got.  This was designed to make that awesome power more linear.  - Dave Arnold