Sten Lundin Race Worn Gear

Sten Lundin at Saxtorp on the World Championship Monark/Lito for the last time. Photo Nisse Wedin

Sten Lundin's 1961 World Championship Lito Jersey

Sten Lundin's Race Worn Boots

Sten Lundin's Race Worn Leathers


Sten does some laps around Saxtorp for a Swedish television show on the bike that carried him to the 1961 500 world championship

Sten Lundin wearing his 1961 world championship Lito jersey, pauses for a photo with his famous Monark/Lito

Kaj Bornebush who was the founder of Lito and Sten Lundin with the world championship Monark/Lito at Saxtorp. Sten is wearing the jersey and boots featured above.