Suzuki Works Parts

 Joel Robert's 1972 world championship Suzuki, the RH72.

The following works Suzuki swingarm's were used by Roger DeCoster on the grand-prix circuits of Europe. They are all aluminum with the exception of the 1973 swingarm which is made from steel. The 1973 swingarm was made from steel after the FIM increased the minimum weight limit on a 500cc machine to 209lbs. The 1973 works Suzuki's were already built before the rule change and at the last minute, Suzuki had to add ballast and make heavier parts to bring the bikes up to the new minimum weight limit. From 1975 on, the swingarms were made from extruded box section aluminum. All of these works swingarms are hand-made and it is interesting to see the different construction technics used from year to year. All of these swingarms were donated to the MXworksbike collection by Roger DeCoster.

1972 RN72 Swingarm - Roger DeCoster

1973 RN73 Swingarm - Roger DeCoster

1975 RN75 Swingarm - Roger DeCoster

1977 RN77 Swingarm - Roger DeCoster

1977 RN77 Swingarm 2 - Roger DeCoster

1973 RN73 Gas Tank St. Anthonis - Roger DeCoster